Oct 13, 2013

My Favorite Moments in Seoul

Its been almost a year since my trip to Seoul, but the autumn memories are still here. I still remember how beautiful the colors were, the friendly weather, how good looking were those people I met on the streets, etc. Click the image below to know what my favorite moments in Seoul are. 

It was a mid night flight so we arrived early in the morning at Incheon airport. The airport was cool  and so big (and they have wifi connection, no fuss). I remember it was a rainy morning and I was freezing cold (in fact that I wore my coat but still freezed). We went straight to Gwangjang market and had brunch there. That was my first time trying Korean seafood pancake (haemul pajeon), it was delicious! You probably can find all Korean street food in Gwangjang market. I also tried Tteokbokki, it came with a bowl of hot soup, yum yum perfect for the rainy day.

Then we went to Samsung D'Light which is an exhibition space of Samsung's latest technologies. I was wowed by their creations, sooo outta world because I saw them with my eyes so its like a real proof. This giant LED light is very memorable. The lights will shine in multiple colors and make sounds when you touch the glass wall. I call it as the singing LED wall, so lovely.

Later on the first day, we had patbingsoo. I'm telling you that its not easy to have a shaved ice cream in a cold cold night, but I couldn't help the red beans filling and the creamy ice cream. Sure that would be a great thing to have in summer days. 

My other days in Seoul were full of sunshines, but still the wind was pretty cold. What I really love about Korea is that flowers were everywhere, pretty flowers even on the streets!

Another great moments were carved by the time I saw this beautiful golden scenery at Yangpyeong. I couldn't stop taking pictures when I rode the rail bike. It is worth to visit Yangpyeong rail bike when you go to Seoul in autumn.

I'm thinking about salad when I saw this picture

The other thing I love about Seoul is of course the food! As a true foodie at heart, I tried all the meals served in front of me for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Such a greedy kid! Lol.

I got the chance to dig out some sweet potatoes off the soil. It was easy thing to do, the sweet potatoes were planted not so deep, about 5cm from the land surface. The sweet potatoes were big, I was like a kid who tries to find easter egg, so excited to dig more and more! The farm owner was so kind he let us to keep the sweet potatoes, yaaay!

We headed to the pear garden called The Greentopia which was near to the sweet potato farm. The owner, who is also the owner of sweet potato farm, let us to go into the garden and pick 2 pears right from the tree! How lovely was that? All of the ripe pears were covered in small paper bags to avoid insects or other animals. I picked the biggest pears and began to eat one. It was soooo fresh, sweet and crunchy. The best pear I ever tasted! The cool weather made the pears felt like it was from the fridge. Yummmm-o.

I called it a foodie day because after the pear session, we tried to cook flower pancakes (hwajeon). How pretty is thaaaattt? I really enjoyed my time making the mini pancakes. Plucked off the flowers and stick it to the rice dough, then pan fry it in medium heat. I also cooked pear jam, o yea pear jam. You can see the full recipe in my post over here.

Spent one lovely morning by cruising at Hangang river :)

Quoted from here, Korean artists of various specialties such as writers, painters, actors, architects and musicians constructed the cultural town of Heyri Artvalley. Within this community there are residences, workrooms, art galleries and museums. There's no place that is not pretty in Korea, but I'm sure you'll agree that Heyri Artvalley have the beautiful ones all in one place, take a look at these pictures below. 

Some of my new friends at the trip, Sanae (Japan), Ariel (Taiwan), Natasha (Malaysia) and Nu (Vietnam)

The funniest toilet sign :p

Teddy bears took my afternoon coffee order!

I won this trip from Korean Air, so it was an honor to have the chance to visit their head office and got to see how they run the things behind the aircraft.

This guy told us how to monitor the flights around the world. The screen shows everything from the flight routes, wind directions and the cloud positions. Super important mission!

Tried being a co-pilot for a sec, this is a real model of a cockpit.

Thank you for the good times, Korean Air! :)

As it was the last day in Seoul, we went for dinner together and had this awesome meal (I forgot what the name was). It was boiled beef and a kind of rice vermicelli and soooooo delicious!

Meet all the AOA winners from across Asia!

The memories are too beautiful to be erased. Now its already autumn in Seoul and I really wanna go back there. See all my Korea trip posts in here.


  1. Ohh dinda..
    That was really cool travel.
    You had a great picture & moment.

    I wish someday i can go to Korea.
    Wish me luck..

    1. You should try your luck to join the Asian on Air program at ibuzz korea, they annually hold a competition with free trip to korea as the prize :)

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