Sep 5, 2013

Goji Berry Saved My Day

I feel so embarrassed whenever I check my blog lately for it's lack of proper post. I'm so sorry for my self hahaha. Everything has been running out soooo fast, I'm trying hardly to keep on the track. Next month me and my Curious will be joining Gogirl Expo at Gandaria City, October 4th - 5th. Please do make time and visit my booth, I have tons of new arrivals! :D

Last week when I went to the gym, I stupidly forgot to bring my body lotion. Just so you know, body lotion is the 3rd most important beauty products in my life after lip balm and black liquid eye liner. I just realize that I have so many body lotions, I really love their good smells! Usually I always bring a tiny bottle of body lotion in my everyday make up purse but last week I switched my bag and my tiny goody lotion was left in the other bag. After I finished the shower and my dress, I jetted to the super market (Ranch Market) and so surprised by their lack of body lotion selections. They only have the big bottles, which I don't need at that time. I just need a small bottle oh my dear. Then I headed to the drug store near Ranch Market, I didn't find Vaseline's small bottle.. But they have Citra. So I took Citra, the red one with goji berry extract. It is small, cheap (less than Rp 10.000) and the packaging looks sleek. After I paid for the lotion, I smelled it and started using it, then I fell in love with the smell.. So calming and doesn't smell cheap. I also like how it moisturized my skin so well. Now I have my goji berry lotion in my bag everywhere I go, hehe because I stupidly lost my tiny lotion.

Well done Citra, you had me with your goji berry extract!

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