Aug 4, 2013

Hello From Kyoto [Part 2]

Continuing my last post about my first day in Kyoto, I went to Arashiyama and Kameoka in the afternoon to catch the last Sagano scenic train. Click on the image below to read the full post.

After filling up our tummy with one of the best curry rice near Kinkakuji temple, we took a bus to Kyoto station and took JR to Kameoka. We wanted to take the last train for Sagano scenic railway trip. I really enjoyed the journey from Kyoto to Kameoka because the view is soooooo beautiful. Hills, river, greens and clear blue sky.

Kameoka is so quiet, even the JR station is almost empty. You can hear the sound of the wind and crows very clearly. We walked out the station and the first thing I realized was the fresh air! We followed the signage to reach the Sagano scenic railway station. My eyes were entertained by the beautiful view, I wonder how beautiful they are during fall season.

Too bad that we missed the last Sagano train! :( So we walked back to the JR station and headed to Arashiyama to see the bamboo forest. It was around 4 pm but the sun was still up and shined so bright as if it was 12 pm. We walked to the bamboo forest from the nearest JR station and passed on the local housing area. The houses are similar with the ones I saw in Doraemon movies! Pretty and classic Japanese house!

Couldn't help my self for not taking a picture in front of this mint colored wall


 Flowers everywhere, sooo happpyyyyyy!

Arrived at the bamboo forest! The weather got a bit chilly inside the forest track. The bamboo forest is actually a bit creepy in my opinion hehehe. We walked through a loooong track in the forest, again it was very quiet. Just don't go to the forest when its already dark :p

Saw this kiddy pin board on our way back to the station

We left the bamboo forest at about 7 pm, fortunately the sun wasn't completely set yet. We were so hungry and tired for walking all day long, so we decided to have some dinner at Kyoto Station. The station is so big that they have a mall right above the station. You can even see the city view from the roof top. Just look at the pictures below, they have the coolest stairs! The LED lights are changing periodically, lots of tourist (and maybe locals) are taking pictures at the stairs. So pretty!

After looking at several restaurants in the station, we finally found a very nice restaurant. We had katsu and tempura bento for around 1,500 yen/person (Rp 150,000). The price is average if compared to the other restaurants. What I love about eating in restaurants in Japan is that the price stated is what you'll pay (no additional taxes), you'll get a cup of ocha (and its free flow) and if you're still hungry, you can ask for more rice! :D

My chicken katsu and tempura oh gotta stop looking at this picture *mouth watering*

I ended the day with a full tummy and happy heart. Went back to the hostel at around 9.30 pm, but the streets were already empty ahaha. See you on the next post, Kyoto day 2!

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