Jul 25, 2013

Style is Not Just About Fashion

When simPATI asked me to collaborate with them for their digital campaign, I said yes (of course!). They recently had this competition called simPATI Style Kata di Kaos. The challenge is to create your style motto and 5 winners will have their motto designed by selected designers and printed on #simPATIstyle limited edition t-shirts. The t-shirts will be then sold at simPATI Kickfest in Bandung (on October). There are 5 designers in this project, Irene Saputra, Sarkodit, Dika Toolkit (check out his Instagram I'm dying to have his drawing skill), Arian13 and me! *w00t w00t*

Each designers were given different motto and mine is "Style is not just about fashion". I totally agree with this statement because style is beyond fashion. Style is a mixture of one's personality and a bit of trend that suits a him/her. What matters the most is a person's personality which reflects in her style. I drew a girl with who's got a style, you can see that she's only wearing a basic tshirt, no fancy and branded items but she is being cool in her own way. Her best accessory is her chic personality which reflects as flowers on her sides.

Here I show you how I usually draw from a sketch to the final artwork :)

Check out the other designers' works on Twitter/Instagram with hashtag #simPATIstyle 


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