Jul 14, 2013

Osaka Day 2

I love love love to blog about my Japan trip. Its like keeping the memories alive in my mind. I’m warning you that this post containing tons of pictures and going to be a long one. Click the picture below to read the complete story of my 2nd day in Osaka!

So I started my 2nd day in Osaka by having breakfast at Yoshinoya. Yoshinoya can be founded easily in Japan, its like in every corner there is Yoshinoya. If you want to save your money and get full until lunch time, Yoshinoya is the perfect meal. It cost only 280 yen (Rp 28,000) for a bowl of gyudon (beef bowl, same like the ones we eat in Jakarta) and a cup of ocha (you can ask for a refill). I see that the menu is not really much like in Jakarta, but they have this sautéed chicken served with lots of nori, it tasted so good though. Every thing in Japan tasted sooooo delicious I couldn’t resist of not having a bite or two.

On my 2nd day in Osaka, I was visiting a lot of tourist attractions. So I bought Osaka Unlimited Pass for 2,000 yen (Rp 200,000). By having Osaka Unlimited Pass, you can use the JR lines as much as you need (no extra charge), go to various tourist places (more than 20), get discount in several restaurants and shops. They also have the 2 days pass (if I was not wrong it was 2,700 yen). You can buy Osaka Unlimited Pass at the tourist information center in Osaka station.  Got an unlimited pass in my pocket so here we go strolling around Osaka! 

Osaka bay area

Cute shops!

 I could easily find flowers on the streets, lovely!

My first destination was Tempozan Ferris Wheel, which is in one location with Kaiyukan (Osaka Aquarium) and Sa. We hopped to the ferris wheel and got to see the city view. Osaka is very clean and neat from above! The staff will take a picture of you before you start the ferris wheel journey and you can buy it as a souvenir for 500 yen.

The free admission coupons I got from Osaka Unlimited Pass

Halfway up the ferris wheel ride

After having the ferris wheel ride, we wanted to get on the Santa Maria Cruise (since its also free admission with the unlimited pass). But the cruise is sailing in every one hour, so we decided to have some ice cream first. Ice cream is called aisu kurimu (アイスクリーム) in Japanese. I feel glad that I can read Hiragana and Katakana letters, at least it makes my trip a bit easier :D

Matcha ice cream (300 yen) the best one I've had so far! 

The ice cream shop is right in accross Kaiyukan. We didn't go to Kaiyukan because R didn't feel like going in. Too bad, because I really want to see the jelly fishes :(

 Japanese kiddos again! Shoooo cuuutteee I'm a fan!

Cute shop display near the ice cream shop

Unfortunately we missed the Santa Maria Cruise. So we decided to just go to Osaka-Jo. On our way to the JR station, we found another cute shops and of course floweeeerrss! :D

Cool street shop!

Kimono shop! I found that Kimono is pretty expensive in Japan. 
This shop is selling 2nd hand kimonos, but they are all in good conditions.

2nd destination is Osaka-Jo. Glad we made it in the noon time so the weather was so lovely! The distance between the entrance to the main castle is actually pretty far :p

The 2nd gate (if I was not wrong), look at how thick the gate is! It was made to prevent the enemies from getting in to the main castle area when they had the war, please correct me if I'm wrong.

In the main castle area, anyone can tell me what building is that behind me?

Got in the castle, which is actually a museum. A museum in a very cool way! Look at these mini figures. 

You can go up by elevator to the top of the castle and see the city view. It was lovely since the weather was great, but girls please don't wear your fave skirts. The wind blows so hard! You can go down the castle by stairs and see the history of Osaka-Jo. It was very fun because they the way they tell the history is attractive. Oh don't forget to get Osaka-Jo stamps on paper at the 2nd floor ;)

There are some souvenir and snack shops near to the main castle. I couldn't bear for not having takoyaki, again takoyaki in Osaka are the best ones. They are crispy on the outside and sooo smooth and warm on the inside, also the big chunk of tako (octopus) which I rarely find in Jakarta. Make sure you have some when you are in Osaka.

I saw that the locals are also visiting Osaka-Jo, not only to go in to the castle, but also for hanging out with friends and afternoon run (some with their dogs). 

Fat kitty!

After mingling around in Osaka-Jo, we decided to go to Amerikamura again, just to stroll around and spend our last night in Osaka.

Some snaps I took in Amerikamura

We went to Umeda building at night but my camera battery died just before we get up to the building. Before that we had another ferris wheel ride in a mall, near to Umeda Building, but I forgot what was the name of the mall.. I'll update you later :D

I was sooo happy with the 2 days I spent in Osaka. Osaka is very homey, not too busy like Tokyo. Some part is modern, but the others are still classic. 

My Osaka recommendations:
1. For an easy ride in Osaka, don't forget to buy Icoca card in airport and of course recharge your card before it has no credit.
2. Try the Japan street foods in Namba area (especially takoyaki & okonomiyaki)
3. I stayed in J-Hoppers Osaka and it was pleasant. The hostel was very clean and neat, the front desk  (Keiko) is very helpful. It is close to Fukushima station, convenient store and of course Yoshinoya :p
4. People are biking every where, so please be alert when walking on the street because the cyclers are rarely ring their bell even though you are blocking their way :)
5. Buy Osaka Unlimited Pass and go to the tourist attractions like Osaka-Jo and Tempozan Ferris Wheel.
6. Be kind to the locals and enjoy your trip in Osaka :D


  1. Esss pleaseeee finish your j-trip story before I goooo ~~ ^^

  2. Kacau fotonya keren! Makes me miss Japan even more--though i've never been to Osaka (i'll surely try that later on!). And thanks for the recommendation. That info on the 2000 yen pass is surely a steal! <3

    Cheers from Jakarta,

    1. kayaknya kalo udah ke jepang bakalan terus pengen balik ke sana gak sih? gilaaaa post vacation feelingnya parah banget ini hahaha

  3. nice post. aaaa lovely streets, corners, flowers, everything >< Japan never fails to wow me. want to visit Japan someday fufu~

    1. start saving and book a flight whenever there is a promo! :D

  4. Hi penginapannya sekitar 200-250rb per malam :)


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