Jul 5, 2013

Oh My Coffee

doodle by me

In the past two weeks, I've been having a terrible head ache which always come in the afternoon right after I had my lunch. Usually when I have that kind of headache, I sip a cup of cappuccino and the ache is gone. But this time the ache won't go away, it was getting even worse that I had to squeeze my head for times, and yet the ache was still there. I took some medicines but it didn't work. After two weeks of major headache, I decided to go to see the doctor.

On Friday morning, I met this doctor at a hospital near to my house. I told him what I was feeling and what were the symptoms. He asked me several questions and checked my blood pressure too. My assumption was that it has something related to my low blood pressure. Apparently it was not.

The doctor told me that I had too much caffeine. What? Too much caffeine? Hell no. Yes, that's the fact darling. He told me that my coffee habit is too much (I usually have one or two cups of cappuccino in a day, for almost everyday). My body is addicted to caffeine and it will always ask for more. The more I have coffee, the more it will ask for caffeine. As the amount of caffeine in my body is too much, it triggered the blood vessels in my head to be slightly bigger, which caused the terrible headache. That sounds not good.

I told the doctor that I tried to change my eating habit and lifestyle. In the past three months, I exercise at the gym regularly. I stop eating rice (even though sometimes I still have my mom's nasi goreng on weekends) and eat moooore veggies, I always try to eat 'clean'. I asked the doctor why do I still have headache with this kind of healthier lifestyle? The answer is back to the caffeine intake. So I must stop drinking coffee until I don't know when and that's a terrible thing for me :(

But as long as I can be healthy, sure I will do anything for it. The doctor gave me caffeine pills, as a substitution to my daily caffeine intake. I really hope I can get rid of the massive migraine. So bye bye coffee, you know I love you so much. See you again my dearest cappuccino and stay healthy people!


  1. sorry to hear that kak dinda.. keep healthy then :')

    1. Thank youuuu, I'm feeling better now. Even though I'm missing coffee like crazy ( >.< )

  2. Sure you're drawn in coffee... But I wish you get well soon :)...

    Once you get better, a coffee a day is ok...

    If you cant resist the needs,,, try a basket of tropical fruit... it'll help :)

    1. Thanks for your wish :)
      I regularly have fruit smoothies in the morning, but seems like I really need to cut off my coffee intake for a while. Anyway thanks for the tip! :)

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