Jul 17, 2013

Juju Jellies Black Babe

I'm selling my brand new Juju Jellies, its the black babe size 41 (UK 7/USA 8) for Rp 400,000. The price is much lower than the ones you could find at local online shops because I asked a friend to help me buying it in London - too bad it is one size too big for me :(

I'm actually surprised that this Juju Jellies are really comfortable. The jelly is soft, unlike the other jelly shoes I've had. Anyone's interested can send me message through Line, my username is michiko_

Thanks sweetheart! 


  1. dindaaa kaki lo gede juga yak! haha
    *ini comment penting abis gue*

  2. PS.... ukuran ini panjangnya dlm cm berapa ya?


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