Jul 2, 2013

Current Fave: Grimes

I'm in love with Grimes!

Graphic by me

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Few months ago I saw a weird music video on Youtube, it was so weird that it stucked up in my head for quite some times. I didn't remember whom the singer is, but I remember that the girl in the video clip was so different yet cool. After some months and got addicted on the other bands (The Sisco and Cigarette Duet), I found another cool video on Youtube. It is Oblivion by Grimes. I instantly attached to her music and quirkiness! Later then I found out than Grimes was the singer of the weird video I watched months ago. The song was called Vanessa, below is the video.

I love everything about her! The music, the creepiness and weirdness looks of her are mesmerizing. Do you like Grimes too? Some of my favorite songs are Genesis, Oblivion and Crystal Ball. Here here have a listen.

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