Jun 9, 2013

Kasuga Taisha and Nara Deer Park

Japan trip first post! :D
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So in my recent trip to Japan, I flew from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur which took about 2 hours flight and waited for 6 hours for the next flight to Osaka. I arrived in Kansai airport (Osaka) at 11 pm. Since it was already late, so I slept at the airport. Sleeping at the airport is not as bad as you may imagine. It was pretty comfortable actually and of course it was sooooo clean and tidy. I'll write a review for that.

In the morning, I took a bath at the airport lounge (500 yen), packed my belongings and headed to my hostel, J-Hoppers. I bought the Icoca card on the Icoca machine right in front of the JR station gate. I put 4,000 yen in the card. Icoca card is basically a card that you can use for the JR train, subway, bus and some convenient store in Osaka and Kyoto. So after that, I headed from Kansai station to Fukushima station.

Arrived at Fukushima station, then I walked to J-Hoppers because it is located near to the station. Finding the hostel is pretty easy and yet an old woman helped us showing the way. Japan friendliness no 1. My first impressions of Osaka city are clean and bicycles! Everyone seems like riding their bikes everywhere. What make them even more lovely are their city bikes omg.. I'm a fan of city bikes!

After checked in at J-Hoppers and left our luggage there, we went to Kasuga Shrine in Nara.

How to get there:
From Fukushima station, take the JR Osaka Loop Line (red) to Nishikujo station. Then take the Hanshin Namba Line (orange) to Kintetsunara station. From Kintetsunara station, you can actually walk to Kasuga Shrine, but to save the time so I took a bus. 
Bus riding note:
Get in the bus from the back door. When you're about to reach the destination, press the bell button (usually red) on the wall or on the back seats to notice the driver. If you have the Icoca card, just tap the card on the scanner right next to the driver. But if you use cash, put the coins in the box (also beside the driver).

in the bus

We missed one stop so we walked towards Nara deer park.

We went to Kasuga Shrine first before playing with the deers and it was a loooong path to go. So many locals during the day, lots of Japanese students were visiting the shrine too.

Kasuga-Taisha entrance

Japanese students, they looked sooooo cute. I'm a fan!

After walking around the shrine, we went down to the deer park. There were lots and lots of deers, fat and healthy deers! :D

I bought a pack of deer crackers (150 yen) to attract the deers. I didn't know that those cute looking deers were so aggressive to human. They ended up chasing me >.<

Happy moments just before they chased me....

The weather was so lovely on that day, we decided to go to Amerikamura afterwards. Pictures and stories on the next post ;)

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