Jun 22, 2013

Instagram Video

my Instagram video post

So any of you have updated your Instagram app? Have you tried the new video feature? I did and I like it a lot! When Vine came up, I was so excited to make videos. But then I was disappointed for the loading time. I also don't like the auto play on Vine. Thus, I thought there was too many app on my phone in which I don't really use it regularly so I deleted Vine.

Now Instagram came with the video feature, I like it a lot because:
  • It loads faster than Vine, for sure
  • 13 new filters which are different with the photo filter! Though I wish the video filter can also be applied to the photos.
  • You can set the playing mode to auto play or not. Auto play videos are kinda annoying.
  • It allows us to select the video cover!
One thing I wish Instagram would improve is the ability to record a video without sound. But overall I love this new video feature. Yay to video posts!

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