Jun 22, 2013

H&M Soon in Jakarta!

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Speaking about brands, one of my favorite street wear is H&M. Why? Because H&M have tons of cool stuff with affordable price. They always have something that catches my eyes, either its a simple t-shirt or a dramatic pencil skirt. When I couldn't find any clothes (which is very rare), I always have their accessories in the shopping bag. Their collaborations with high fashion brands like Lanvin, Marni, Versace, etc is making me even more frenzy. Remember H&M x Anna Dello Russo? I saw from many blogs that people are queueing for that collection. Too bad I have no luck T_T

I'm a type of person who don't really care about branded items. As long as I like the it and the price is make sense, I just go with it. I shop almost everywhere, from the thrifted, online shop to the ones in malls.

My first H&M piece was a sweatshirt, which my cousin brought all the way from Sweden. I really like the sweatshirt, not only because I'm a jacket lover, but also because it has a red heart printed on the hoodie. This is another reason why I love H&M. They always have a unique touch on a classic piece of clothing. The sweatshirt is still in a good condition until today, even though I've been wearing it a lot back in the old days.

Since H&M wasn't available in Jakarta, whenever I go abroad I always make time to go to the nearest H&M. If there is more than one branch, I make another time to visit the other branches. Because usually they have different collection between one and another store.

In Hong Kong, my favorite H&M branch is the one in Central, it is probably the biggest one in there. I also have been to H&M in Seoul, Singapore, Osaka and Tokyo. The thing is, wherever I travel to, I must go to H&M hahaha. On my last trip to Japan, I was so surprised that the price is sooooo cheap! I got a deep cut maxi dress for only 990 yen (Rp 90,000)! I know rigghttt they are  t h a t  cheap, even cheaper than H&M in Singapore.

I love H&M a lot that I have their shirt, t-shirt, tights, mini skirt, maxi skirt, mini dress, maxi dress, jacket, sweatshirt, sneakers, flat shoes, wedges, bags, shawl, hats, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc etc etc. I love H&M a lot that I don't mind of you saying "This girl is cray and exaggerating!". Its just on the top of my favorite fashion brand. Just like men love Vans or Nike. 

I think God hears my prayer, because a few weeks ago I received an email that says H&M is opening soon in Jakarta. Oh whatttttt did I just read?! Yes, H&M is opening soon in Jakarta. Not one or two stores, but three! Ayayayyy!

I went to the press preview on last Wednesday at Grand Indonesia with a happy heart. I glanced all the way to Grand Indonesia. It was actually a preview for press, stylists and some bloggers. H&M is opening real soon in Jakarta, the one I saw yesterday was the show room. Its like an exhibition space for H&M latest collection which magazine stylists can borrow the items for photo shoots. Sandra,  the showroom manager even told me that bloggers can also borrow the clothes and accessories! Isn't that funnn? But why should I borrow if the prices are all so affordable? I'd love to grab them all!

H&M will open their first store in Gandaria City, then Pondok Indah Mall 2 and their flagship store in Grand Indonesia will come after. Sandra refused to tell me when is the grand opening of the first store, but I predict that it will come around September. Because their first collection will be the autumn. And don't worry, the collaboration with Isabel Marrant sure will be in the store - in Jakarta! :D

So check out these picts I snapped in the show room. I'm too excited to write more words!

Me with Reine Cassandra (H&M showroom manager)

The gifted shawl, thank you!

Can't hardly wait for Septemberrr!

(Pictures by me & some are given from Pulse Communications)

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  1. Was für eine tolle Auswahl. H&M hat immer ganz schöne Dinge, da kaufe ich auch unheimlich gerne ein.


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