Jun 25, 2013

An Afternoon at Amerikamura

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Amerikamura is one dining and shopping district in Osaka, which is located near to Namba station. I got a chance to go there on my first day in Osaka. By the time I reached the district, I knew that it is one of the hippest place in Osaka. People in Amerikamura were dressing up so cool, both males and females. Its like a little Harajuku in Osaka.

Amerikamura is full with cool shops. I got in to some of the clothing and sneaker stores and I'm just out of words... The t-shirts and jackets are the coolest I've ever seen, you know, those Japanese street style. And the sneakers stores, I regretted for making a decision of going in. The sneakers are the coolest, I easily found the rare ones. Even I found the one I've been eyeing since a few months ago, Vans x Supreme SS 2013.

Excuse my face, I just want to show you the street art behind me :p

Japanese are biking everywhere! This is one of the reason why I love Osaka soooo much.

After spending sometime in Amerikamura, I went to Shinsaibashi, which is very near to Amerikamura. This group of musician was playing music on the street. They were so great! I took this as a welcoming song for my Osaka trip ;)

Shinshaibashi is basically a shopping district. There are a lot of small shops and boutiques that I couldn't handle to not go into at least 5 of them hehe. Lucky that my bf was not grumpy while waiting for me window shopping :p

You can easily find H&M and Uniqlo in Shinshaibashi. One of my fave street shop is a leg wear store who sells tights, stockings and knee high socks - 1,050 yen (Rp 100,000) for 3! I went totally frenzy in those kind of shop. Who can resist printed stockings? In Japan, those magical prints, really?  

We headed to the famous Glico Running Man which is also in Shinshaibashi. Then we continued our night walk to find something to munch. I was sooo hungry..

Finally met the authentic takoyaki! AAAAA! 
I'm a takoyaki freak so I was on the cloud 9 when I finally tried takoyaki in Osaka. It was so delicious, the most delicious tako I've ever tasted hahaha I'm exaggerating but its true! It was 400 yen (Rp 40,000) for 8 takoyaki. We couldn't have enough so we ordered another portion hehe. Later than I found out that takoyaki is originally from Osaka. The Nui hostel told me so, she also convinced me that Osaka is like a heaven of food, which is true. 

Over all my first day in Osaka was so great! I love the food, I love the ambiance, I love how friendly Japanese are. Osaka day 2 will be on my next post, stay tune!


  1. can't wait for your next post.
    please post more food.
    omo so craving for it ♥

    1. yes sure i'll be posting more pictures, these are only the first day of the trip haha

  2. In Tokyo people also ride bikes everywhere! (of course, AND ride the super confusing but super helpful JR line trains).
    Anyway, these photos are so cool--it makes me miss Japan so much! I'll be sure to check out this spot when i get the chance to go to Osaka!


    1. Those JR lilnes are frikkin confusinggg. I found that people who are cycling in Tokyo are not as much as in Osaka. Even though the amount is still high compare to Jakarta cyclers :p


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