Apr 5, 2013


Few days ago I tried a multiple intelligence test. There are seven result categories, which are linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, spacial-visual, interpersonal and intrapersonal. Guess which one is my biggest score? Its spatial-visual! :D

Visual and spatial perception; interpretation and creation of visual images; pictorial imagination and expression; understands relationship between images and meanings, and between space and effect
Typical roles/potential
Artists, designers, cartoonists, story-boarders, architects, photographers, sculptors, town-planners, visionaries, inventors, engineers, cosmetics and beauty consultants 
Related task/activities
Design a costume; interpret a painting; create a room layout; create a corporate logo; design a building; pack a suitcase or the boot of a car

I'm not surprised with the result, my IQ tests also said so. Art and creativity are what I really love. I love making sketches, coloring, giving beauty and artsy touch to something that looks boring and dull, etc etc. But what I mostly do now is kinda far from being in the creative circle. Yes I do my Curious, but its only like 40% of my daily routines. I'm working in the account service division at an advertising agency. I see good and bad layouts or copy everyday. But I'm not the one who make them. Sometimes this feeling is like bursting from inside me. I used to dream of being a great art director and working at an advertising agency.  Most of my friends (and even lecturers) are surprised when they knew that I'm not an art director. Time tells the other story hehehe. Should I follow my passion in art and getting in the creative circle? Surprise surprise, my answer is no. Why? Because I love meeting new people and making strategies as a solution for a problem. Loving art doesn't mean you have to be an art director right? I can still express my creativity into my Curious projects and of course my artworks. And even though I'm not working day to day with Photoshop or Illustrator, I'm a genius in making great looking power points and excel sheet hahahaha


  1. It's so mee... I got bachelor from visual communication design but now I am working on my fashion/craft line instead of working as copywriter whatsoever. But I can say my education give me strong base in career path that I choose now (talk about creating logo, designing catalog, etc :D )

    I am your regular reader Dinda, but never left any comment. But today after reading this post I guess this is the time I should leave any mark hahah... Good luck for you and your Curious! ♥


    1. Haiiiii! I just read your comment d'ohhh >_<
      Glad to see someone is feeling like I do hahaha thanks for reading my blog, never thought there is somebody who really reads this blog :p
      thank you thank you! :)


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