Apr 29, 2013

[Style] Weekly Planning

When it comes to selecting office outfit in the morning, I'm a total dumb. It is actually really hard, I keep on wearing whatever on the top of the stacks in my closet. Again and again I wear the same sweater or blouse. I'm no Kate Middleton or Olivia Palermo who wears one outfit for one time only. Since I have this new routine of going to the gym in the morning, it is even getting harder for me to pick up the clothes. I woke up at 5.30, pray and preparing my stuffs. Gym clothes are easy to pack, only legging or shorts and tanks. The hard one is the office look, d'oh. So I think it is important for me to make weekly office outfit planning like this. Just to make life easier in the morning, you know what I mean.

All images from what-do-i-wear
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