Apr 6, 2013

Pretty as Sakura

Some of you who are following my Instagram might already know that I finally have a Blythe doll!
You know my obsession with that doll is really big, I've been posting pictures of them which I got from Tumblr, since a long time ago. I never really decided to buy this doll because it is really expensive.
(the cheapest one is Rp 2.7 mio, d'oh!)

I once told my self that I gotta have a Blythe in 2013, without really had a plan of how to get this doll. Until one of my office mate told me that Blythe dolls were on sale in Plaza Senayan. I rushed over to the sale corner and there she was. Still expensive for a doll, even after discount. But I knew that I would never get any price lower than that so I gave it a bump.

Now who said there's no such a thing as the power of mind?
Never thought that I finally have her in the early months of 2013! 

Meet my new girl, Hanami :)

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