Mar 21, 2013

Hello There

Hi all,

I'm still alive! :D

Since I joined this digital division at my current office, I've been busy like a bee. Time is ticking so fast, I didn't even have time to buy some afternoon snacks at Plaza Senayan like I used to. But actually I like it this way. Everything went great when you love what you are doing. I love what I’m doing right now. Yay! :D

Remember the flood disaster that striked my house on January? Yes, my life then was a bit messed up. I didn't have the chance to launch Curious collections, until *finally* a few days ago. I have like 3 plans for new arrivals that should've been launched in January. But I had to postpone it. Everything doesn’t always go on your way. It doesn’t mean that life is being cruel to you, its just a way for you to learn on how to craft things better and learn it deeper. You can always pick the fruits from you hard work J

And the long awaited great news, my boyfriend is finally home. I’m soooo happy! 
LDR is sucks you know. Any of you have experience in LDR? I feel blessed that I and R went through it successfully. I saw a lot of my friends who had LDR and they just broke up along the way. It’s very hard to only stare at your laptop or mobile phone screen, seeing your loved one, when all you need is a hug, not conversation. Even worse, when you feel everything is not right, you can’t contact him/her due to bad connections. Its just hard. But the storm is over, now I can breathe myself easily as now R is home, so I can call him or text him whenever I want to hahaha.

So yes, hello to new busy days! :)

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