Jan 6, 2013

What 2012 Is All About

Its January 5th already and I find that it will be quite late if I post a 2012 sum up by next week. Thus, I haven't make any 2013 resolution until now. Yes, I'm a type of person who loves to make new year resolutions. It feels so good to put check marks on the list, whenever I reached the goals. Not having a new year resolution is worrying, how can you get what you want when you didn't even know how to reach it, or worse, you don't even know what you want? Long story short, before tapping into the new resolutions, here are the most memorable moments in 2012 :D


Watched Foster The People concert! I remember that R was sick at that time, but he managed to show up 5 mins before the concert begins. How sweeeeeeettt!
(have no picture, my bad)

Celebrated me and R's 2nd anniversary


A month of exploring new things!


Met my good old friends. Talk and laugh and talk and laugh all night long :D


Sold a looooooot of CURIOUS detachable collars. 
Thank you for loving my creations, I love you much my dearest customers!


A super magical photoshoot with Sanya for CURIOUS' flower crown collection.


Curious first appearance in public, I joined a local festival and sold my creations. 
First time meeting my customers, so happy! :)


Had a photoshoot with Esya for CURIOUS' Queen of Pop. 
This effortless photoshoot had great results!


My first picnic with my high school friends.

Took a good photograph with my mom and my sister.


What I made for Vicy, one of my very good office mates, on her birthday. 
It felt so good to make someone happy :)


Won a free trip to Seoul from Buzz Korea! 
I spent five unforgettable days with new friends from all over Asia Pacific and the coolest and happiest team from Buzz Korea & Korean Air. 


One of the happiest month, I turned 23! :D

R decided to go working in Pnom Penh for four months. 
I was worried for this long distance relationship at the first, but everything goes well until now :)


Since R moved to Pnom Penh, I always try to keep my self busy, too busy I must say. This month was the most busy yet happiest for Curious. I also tried to fill up my brain by reading books about business. Never thought my passion in business would be this big :D

A great year indeed!
Now how about you? What are your best moments in 2012? 

I believe that 2013 would be a great year for me, I have this big excitement in my heart, even though I haven't had my 2013 resolutions yet. Good minds will lead to good things. Yay!


  1. Happy New Year Dinda.
    I'm also a type of person who loves to make new year resolutions! :D

    1. Happy new year to you too, full of blessings in 2013! :)


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