Jan 22, 2013

[Style Picks] 220113

This week I'm falling for.. 

1. White chiffon shirt
Since my very first white shirt purchase two weeks ago, I've been in love with this versatile item. I found that white button up shirts are very friendly to gotta-be-ready-in-15-minutes kind of girl like me. 

2. H&M Margiela clear wedges
I'm in love with this sophisticated shoes since the first time I saw them in a fashion blog sometime ago. I have no luck until now, they went sold out e v e r y w h e r e.

3. Printed skirts
My all time favorite skirt silhouette is the skater one. 
And when it comes with digital print, oh I gotta have them. 

4. 'Heavy' earrings.
This one is not like what I usually wear. But this big chunky baroque accessories trend surely got a place in my heart!


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