Jan 14, 2013

Meet Me at Shibuya Street

This is definitely the reason why I love google maps, they allow us to see the street view!
Below is Shibuya street in Tokyo, I'm going there by this May. Zuper exzciteddd! 


  1. I've always been selective when it comes to new technologies and stuffs, and somehow i missed how great Google Maps is. Thanks for showing it to me--especially Shibuya!

    And you're going to be there by May? I'm going there on February! It's a bummer that we couldn't meet there, it would be fun though! haha

    cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

    1. Checking out the street view is my fave thing to do when I got bored ahahha
      Nanti cerita2 di blog yah kalo udah pulang dari Jepaaaang :D


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