Jan 20, 2013

[Korea Trip] Flower Pancakes

Still with my stories from the last Asian On Air Program - Korea trip, this time is about cooking flower pancakes. Yes, flowers!

Visiting Greentopia is surely one unforgettable moment. I dug sweet potatoes, picked some pears and made them into jams, and the last is making flower pancakes. Hwajeon, which means flower pancakes, is one small and sweet pancake made of rice flour, sugar and flower petals (usually chrysanthemum).  

Aren't these flowers are so pretty? 

The ajumma already made the rice cake dough, so all we need to do was decorating the pancakes. 
Pluck the petals off the flowers and put them on the top of the pancake dough.


After you finish decorating the mini cakes, put them on a frying pan and let them cooked well.

Here is the final result!
I'm wondering if the normal result is brownish like this or should be colorful as the real flowers?
Anyway, dip them in strawberry or peach jam and enjoy the flower pancakes! 


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