Jan 19, 2013


I don't feel so good right now, its like having a hole somewhere I don't know.

Jakarta is in the worse condition since last Tuesday, the rain was so hard that it overflowed the river and caused flood everywhere, including my house. My house is flooded since Tuesday night and it hasn't get any better yet. Me and my family have left the house since Tuesday night and temporarily are staying at my aunt's house. This is my first flood ever, so I'm kinda panic. It feels like a nightmare. I feel so.. empty? I barely feel nothing, its like I'm having a dream and will be waking up in a normal condition. Duh.

My stuffs are actually on the 2nd floor. I'm in the middle of a production for Curious next collection, but yes they gotta be postpone until this flood is over. It probably will take around 2 months to completely clean the house. I have a big plan for Curious in 2013 but then again... 
I'm completely sad :(

I just hope the flood won't reach the 2nd floor, because right now it reached 110 - 130 cm. 
doodle by me

I really hope the flood will end soon. Amin.


  1. hope you are okay dear :)
    be very soon with the collection! I wish you health and wealth :)

  2. I hope everything will be better sooner dear :)

  3. Oh, I hope everything works out and that you feel better soon! X


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