Dec 16, 2012

[Korea Trip] Picking Pears!

Back to the buzz Korea, Asian on Air Program stories! 
Yes I still have a plenty of them, so have no worries ;)

Actually we did more than 'just' picking pears right from the trees, we also had this farming thing, digging for sweet potatoes, and cooking traditional pancakes with real flower petals. 
So so so pretty! I'll share you in my next post ;)

This time I'm telling you about my experience of pears picking at Greentopia. So we were allowed to take a walk in the garden and pick the pears off the trees. Everyone could take home 2 pears, yay! The pears were big and yellowish and fresh and crisp! Haha yup I ate one pear right after I picked them off. It tasted so sweet and fresh! :D

The pear garden

My happy pear!

With the Greentopia owner, photo by Agnes Desiyana

After that, we went inside to cook pear jams. Yaaaayyy! That was my very first experience of jam cooking. Since my camera was dead at that moment, so here's a little tutorial of how to cook the pears, Korean pears!

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