Nov 17, 2012

The Yellow Trees

Another Asian on Air Program blog post, 
this time I'm telling you about my rail biking experience at Yangpyeong!

Happy breakfast at the hotel :)

On the 2nd day of my Korea trip, I went to Yangpyeong in Gyeonggi-do. 
Yangpyong rail bike is basically using an abandoned railway, which connects Yongmun and Wondeok  (around 3 km). It took around 1 hour by bus from Seoul to Gyeonggi-do. You can see the full information in here. Overall, it was a really nice day, the sun was up, the sky is so clear and the weather is so friendly. Yangpyeong is a great great great place for pretty scenery lover like me. 
This post is a photo diary, so enjoy the pictures below! :)

Happy faces: Jessica - me - Dessy
Glasses by Riots Barbie

Pretty wild flowers

Another pretty flowers! Oh so happy to easily find flowers in many colors in Korea.

Jump shot taken by Jun Seok

Yellow trees.. Oh my, the prettiest among the pretty ones.

This is the railway.
Awesome scenery is on your left and right. 
Too bad my videos were too shaky and they're not worth to be in this post hahaha 

One cart can carries 4 people in it, so its good to be in a group.

Just like in the wallpaper pictures :p

Rail biking!

We had this group game of remembering signs from KTO and Korean Air, 
which were installed along the railway. Thank God I was in a team with Ariel (from Taiwan), 
who can read Hangul. We became the first winner and got cute socks, yeaaaayy!

After this rail biking, we went to Greentopia for to dig some sweet potatoes and picking pears right from the trees. Also making some pancakes with real flower petals.
See you in the next post! :)

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