Nov 20, 2012


First of all, I would love to say congratulations to Peggy and Dhana!
I really hope you both to live in love and happiness ever after :)

After some hard times of holding my self for not posting any spoiler, I finally can post this! *phew
Anin, known as Peggy as well, randomly asked me whether I would like to take her post wedding pictures. Of course I said yes, with a note that I'm not a pro so don't put your expectations high. A day after the wedding day, I went to this newlyweds home to take their pictures. The concept is simplicity, Peggy wants overlays pictures with massive touch of flowers. Snap snap snap all finished.
While copying the pictures to my hard disk, I tried to exercise some of the pictures. The result is really cool, I loooovee it! I hope you like it too Peggy and Dhana. Love! :)

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