Nov 8, 2012

My first day in Korea

As promised, my first Korea trip blog post! 
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I don't know where to start this post since I have so many happy Korean things in my mind right now. As some of you might already know, last September I won a competition that was held on Buzz Korea website.  Long story short, I made this video and it brings me to Korea! There are 5 Indonesians who won the competition, they are Jessica, Dessy, Evie and Edwin. After back and forth email with Emily from KTO, I finally got my Visa and ofcourse my Korean Air flight eticket. Much thanks to Emily for being so helpful towards the trip :)

Flying with Korean Air was  a great experience! Just like what I have read in some reviews, they have big space for legs which is GOOD for long flights, delicious food and the stewardess uniform are the prettiest one among all flights! Korean Air is highly recommended :)

ZARA trenchcoat / GAP long sleeve / Mom's black scarf / Unbranded flowery legging / Topshop studded loafer

The flight was at 10 pm (Jakarta time) and we arrived in Seoul at around 7 am (local time). By the time we reached Incheon airport, there is an airport wifi. So have no worries you Wifi seeker hahaha. Soon after that we met the other participants from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Japan, I'm so happy to have new friends from other countries. Before the trip, I asked my friend about the weather in Seoul, he said "its kind of cold and chilly just like in high lands, no worries." By the time we got out of the airport, bzzzzztttt it was heavy raining and ffffreaking cold hahahaha. Thank God I wore long sleeves and a coat already. So people, make sure you have cardigans, long sleeves and coats when you travel to Korea in autumn.

Our first destination was to KTO office and followed by Gwangjang market. I thought we would go to the hotel, check in, take a bath, and go to places, but I was wrong. So my first day appearance was very a bit messy. But that's not a problem, the beautiful autumn scenery got my full attention for the whole day. Gwangjang market is a good place to try Korean street food. I got the chance to try Tteokbokki, the spicy rice cakes. It was chewy and hot and tasted so goood, a perfect combination with the cold weather that day. I paid 3000 won for a plate of Tteokbokki that comes with a soup. I suggest you to share a plate with your friends since the portion is quite big. Happy tummy #1 mission accomplished! 

Next we had lunch at a restaurant in Gwangjang market, Korean authentic street foods for lunch! I had gyeran jjim (a steamed egg in a hot pot) and seafood pancakes. I fell in love with seafood pancakes since my first bite. Ohhh so good, happy tummy mission #2 accomplished ;)

Yellow, red and brown trees everywhere. Heavenly view that I really love!

After filling up the tummy with great street food, we headed to ENT Dance Studio to have the K-POP dance lesson. My first response was 'being far far far from Jakarta.. OMG why do I still have to dance in Korea??' Anyway, the class was really fun. This guy in white shirt taught us the authentic moves of Gangnam Style! 

In the afternoon, we arrived at Samsung D'Light, its like an exhibition space of Samsung's latest invention where we can actually experience it! The coolest one was the giant column which filled with a lot of LEDs that displays so many colors and make sounds when we touch it. Watch my video at the end of this post to see it how it works.

After that we headed to Yukchilpal to have some dinner. While on our way to the restaurant, I couldn't take my eyes off of the street. They are so clean and filled with pretty cafes, I felt like jumping off the bus to grab some hot cappuccino at one of the cafe. They're just like in the movies, pretty.

DINNER TIME, YAY! This time we had Kalbi Sal at Yukchilpal which is terrific! We cooked strips of ribs on a grill of hot coals, cut them into small cubes, put onto a layer of lettuce, topped them with some Korean paste spices and don't forget the onions! Wrapped the ribs cubes safely and have a heavenly bite of Kalbi Sal. They tasted soooo delicious *mouth watering now gotta stop talking about it*

Not long after the delicious Kalbi Sal dinner, we went to Deux Creme to have some ice cream. Yesss ice cream in a cold cold night, the first time in my life to have ice cream in a freezing night hahaha

Patbingsu is basically a snowy ice that is topped with a milky tasted scoop of ice cream and filled with huge amount of sweetened Azuki beans (Ogura). The ogura was mixed with some cashew nuts that creates a perfectly sweet and salty taste. 

After that we took a walk to the hotel that was near to the cafe. Along the way, I saw so many boutiques and cafes that were calling me to come in. Wish I had more time to enter each of them!

And finally bed time! We stayed at La Casa boutique hotel at Sinsa, its only 10 mins walk from Sinsa subway station. Each of the Asian On Air Program participants got their own room, mine was cozy. I like the size which is not too big. Big room sometimes scares me haha thank you soooo mucho KTO!

And here is my Korea trip day 1 video, a bit shaky so expect nothing before watching it :p

See you in my next post! :)


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