Nov 5, 2012


Pict taken at Yangpyeong, Seoul

Hello everyone, good to see you in this post! Sorry for neglecting and didn't keep my promise to update this blog by the time I reached Jakarta after Seoul. Life has been running so fast that I'm still trying to catch up with a lot few things so that they can meet the deadlines. Its November already, 2 months away to 2013. Haven't think so much about 2013 yet, because I'm still focusing on some things for November and December.

I've been wondering when can I start to post my Korea trip updates in this blog. I haven't got time to retouch the pictures (even though they will have minimum retouches since the tone is already perfect). Also, it is quite hard to select which pictures to be posted here, I have TONS of pretty pictures of Seoul in my hard disk. Promise that I'll be posting them one by one :)

Next, my bf got this job at Pnom Penh, Cambodia. He told me a week before the leaving date, right after I got back from Seoul. The reason was he simply doesn't want to distract my Korea trip. Hmm.. quite make sense but I'm still kinda sad. So he will be away until February 2013. Now I'm still adjusting with some things, but they won't be any problem I believe.

Last Thursday was my 23rd bday (yay!). It was quite simple and sweet. Surprisingly got some bday gifts from my sister and my new boss at the office. Also, R was soooooo lovely that he sent a surprise bday cake to my office, come to pick me there to catch up a bday dinner, gave me a bday video in a CD and a tea set for me! A tea set! OMG that is the best bday gift! I'm soooo glad and thankful to have him in my days, i l u! :)

Its almost 1 am in Jakarta and I gotta go to the office by 8 in the morning. Time to snuggle with the pillow and blanket. Meet me at the next post, good night everyone!


  1. happy belated birthday kak :) stay beautiful and creative!
    and can't wait to see ur Korea trip pictures!


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