Oct 3, 2012

What Do You Call It?

I don't know where should I start this post, its kinda confusing and sure is making me upset. I found this online shop on Instagram who is selling a very similar necklace to my creation that I'm selling under Curious.

Below is my necklace, one of the best selling item in Queen of Pop collection which was launched in early August.

And this one is the necklace that was sold by her.

The details are too similar, the braids, the fringe, the hooks. Oh gosh I'm so pissed.
There's a thin line between being inspired and copying. Actually this is not the first, the seller, the one whom I met on Instagram, used my blog header, replaced the copy and put her name on it and used it as her SoundCloud avatar. You think I didn't know, dear little girl?


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