Oct 13, 2012

Busy Daisy

Topshop studded loafer / Unbranded grey dress / Unbranded heart shirt
GAP red skirt from kak Mala / TLTSN black flowery flats / Curious flowery skirt (coming soon!)
Its D-8 to my Korea trip and I'm getting more excited! I googled the itinerary trip to get some picture of the destinations. Meanwhile, its been so busy here in my daily life. The past two weeks were umm..mazing. I got the chance to be involved in some new projects, which is actually pretty exciting. I just need to manage my time better :)

I realize that we can't reach everything we want in one time. You get something, you loose something. Life need to be balanced. Its okay to give your self a rest after weeks of high tension and hard work :)


  1. Love the 3. pair of shoes - the tassel loafer
    x the cookies


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