Oct 14, 2012

Before Sunday Ends

I've been thinking a lot, about my plan in the near future, that will definitely effecting the further one. Sometimes its kinda overwhelming to handle my own self since I'm a type of girl who can't stop thinking about this and that, inspirations and ideas are leading me somewhere. If I'm not smart enough in controlling what I want and what I actually need, I'll end up sitting on the couch, doing nothing. Lately I realized that I've been pushing my self a bit too hard while working on Curious. As you might know, on weekdays I'm mostly working as an account executive. At the same time, I'm having this role as an entrepreneur. Owning and designing things for Curious, everyday from Monday to Sunday, but the portion is heavier on weekends. So its a non stop working days, weeks and months. I know I gotta have this pause for a while.

I'm so happy that my Curious customers loved the denim collection from Queen of Pop a lot. I had no expectations that the denim jackets demand would be this high. What I love about being an entrepreneur is that you have the chance to create things that you love and sell it to the people who loves your creations. Nothing is greater than hearing my customers saying that they love the piece a lot. Its an amazing feeling. Speaking about the collection, the denim jacket has reached the 3rd batch, within 1,5 months. Reminding that I have limitations of times and resources, this is one of the greatest achievement. The jackets went sold out in 30 minutes (within the 2nd and 3rd batches). Did I put the price too low or you just love the pieces a lot? :) Thank you guys for being such amazing customers. I learnt a lot from doing my own business and of course from my customers. I could probably say those are the greatest learnings I ever had. Now I'm still in the learning phase and I guess its a never ending process :)

I'm now doing another self project. It is related to my passion in creating artworks and hand crafts. It will be totally different with Curious. I'm still crafting the stuff and planning to have it launched before 2012 ends. 

2012 ends.. Gosh that is another thing. 
Meanwhile, let's enjoy what we are having now. Don't push your self too hard, sometimes you need to just go with the flow. 
Have a good sleep people! :)

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  1. Ah i so get this, because even though i'm still in college but evrything seems running so fast and the next thing you know: you're sick :/

    But it's good to work. And i guess we're both the type that loves being productive.
    But yeah, just like you said, don't push too hard on yourself.

    Good luck with everything you do.

    Oh and i can't wait for the project!

    Putri Soe


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