Sep 23, 2012

What do I want to do in Korea?

When I heard about Asian on Air Program, I immediately pushed my self to start creating a video for the entry. I chose 'what do I want to do in Korea' as the topic. I felt that the topic is so big that I can put everything into it. I'm a type of person who likes everything to be well planned. Good planning creates great works. So I wrote down every single thing that I wanted to be in the video and created the storyline.

I wanted to shoot the video in an open public spaces like coffee shop until my super sweet colleague, Malita, told me that there is a great place that matches my criteria: open spaces yet quiet. We went straight to the highest level of a parking building near to my office and I was amazed. The place is too perfect. Open spaces with some flowers and the most important, no one was there! The weather was so kind, have no need to retouch the video tone. All were perfect, yay! 

Pictures shown are video capts
Zara trench coat / Unbranded cropped tee from Singapore / Unbranded bandage skirt / Heart patterned stocking from Hong Kong / Topshop studded loafers / Unbranded bunny ring

My other good friends at the office, Vicy and Tika helped my on directing, holding the script and shooting the video. I couldn't thank them enough! :)

And this is my video as the entry for Asian on Air Program. Please wish me luck! :)

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Korean Air: Facebook / Website

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