Sep 19, 2012

Pretty Eyes with D'Eyeko Premium Lashes!

Talking about make up, gotta be honest that I'm a total sucker in it. Even so, I'm alert to the importance and the magic of make up. The reason is somewhat cliche, make up can make someone even more prettier. What stoles my attention has always been the eye lashes. I love flirty eye lashes, just like Minnie Mouse. This is the reason why my doodles always have curly eye lashes, if you guys realized. For me, a perfect eyelashes, not too thick and not too long, can always make a girl looks prettier. My eyelashes are really short, so I rely on mascara to make it looks thicker and longer. Sometimes I use fake eyelashes to a wedding party or another special event, but that's really rare. I have never found perfect fake eyelashes, the ones I had are just too long, too thick or even too stiff.

Few weeks ago I got these fake eyelashes from D'Eyeko. They all looked the same with the ones I had in my make up box. But when I touch the lashes, omg they're so soft just like the real ones! No longer that I know, D'Eyeko were 100% handmade of natural hair. These premium lashes comes with eyelash adhesive and instructions, yay!
The instructions are so clear, I had no trouble on applying these pretty lashes.

I got four variants of D'Eyeko eyelashes, Super Full, Lengthening and two Olga Lydia's eyelashes. I was so excited to try them all, a bit nervous at the same time. I don't wanna look too much with these eyelashes.
So my first trial was using the Olga Lydia eyelashes, because they seems normal :p 

Two pictures above are Olga Lydia eyelashes variants,
they are slightly different if you see the detail on the lashes root.

Tadaa! This is my first trial of D'Eyeko eyelashes and I was pretty surprise about everything hahaha. First, they are very easy to be applied. Second, they are sooo soft and feels so natural that it feels like nothing, just like having a regular mascara. 
Third, they looked really blend with my real eyelashes, even my mom didn't believe that I was using fake eyelashes. 
Fourth, the curls and the length are just perfect! 

I can't wait to try the other variants, thank you D'Eyeko

D'Eyeko Premium Eyelashes

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