Sep 15, 2012

DIY High Tea

Afternoon tea is a small meal snack typically eaten between 3pm and 5pm. The custom of afternoon tea originated in England in the 1840s. 
I always love the concept of high tea. Even though I'm a coffee person, but I never refuse to have a cup of hot tea with some cookies or cake in the afternoon. Hot tea's light taste is somehow soothing me. They're just a perfect match to be a companion in an afternoon break. I randomly got this idea of having a better tea time at home and ended up looking for some vintage tea sets. Okay, in this DIY high tea, all you need are vintage tea set, your favorite tea and some cookies. In this post, I'm using all things that I found at home. 

Since I couldn't find a vintage flowery tea cup, I used this off white one. Luckily, I got this very vintage tea spoon that makes my afternoon tea even more perfect. Then I was looking for my fave chamomile tea from Dilmah, but I was running out of them, too bad. So I only use the regular tea. 

To complete the tea time, I put the cookies on a small plate that matches the tea cup. You can use whatever cookies you like, maybe some choco chips or those soft cookies from Famous Amos/Mrs. Fields. I would be so much prettier of you have doily paper under the cookies. But again, I ran out of them hahaha but that's okay.

 Next is the the final touch, you can put some England stuff (like mine above is the polaroid) to add more high tea feeling. Play some classy song like Nouvelle Vague's and have a sip of the hot tea. Enjoy!

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  1. waw, i love those vintage teaspoon :')
    anyway, have a nice tea time dear :)

  2. 'England stuff' Wow, just wow.


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