Aug 26, 2012

Thank You Holiday!

So my holiday is finally over, tomorrow will be the first day of working at the office after ten days of holiday. I knew that I enjoyed it to the core, because it felt so quick! But I feel grateful that I kind of knew where and what did I do back in these ten days. I had more chit chat with my mom while she was busy hand sewing and I was punching studds & stitching pearls onto some new vintage denim jacket stocks for Curious. I was really happy to talk with her about what I would love to do in the near future and surprised that she is supporting me more that I could ever ask for. I'm so teary, you are always the best one in my life, Mom :')

I also had some good days with R, went to the movies, fighting over Bon Chon's french fries, talking and giggling over anything that we discussed. And I would not forget this happy picnic day with friends at the park, near to my friend's house. I gave some nail art treatment to my girl friends, ate Niki's delicious smoke beef & cheese sandwich and Putri's special meals that she cooked her self and enjoyed the afternoon wind while playing the swinging. 

On the top of everything, I had a great me-time, which includes creating some new headbands for Curious' monthly must haves (yes, new project!), finishing new collection designs, updating the product stock list on the web that has been abandoned for 2-3 months, scrolling over Tricia Gosingtian's and Nicole Warne's blog posts. Reading a blogger's blog from the beginning of time they started the blog is one of my favorite things to do. Its like reading a book that completed with fascinating pictures. I love to see how a person changes from time to time, not only on how they dress, but also the way they write and tell the stories. It somehow tells us their way of thinking. I love to learn and absorb knowledge from people's thoughts and point of view!

Now let's give Mr. Monday a warm hello! :)


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