Aug 30, 2012

One Hour in The Morning

I usually wake up at 5.45 in the morning to pray and do some Curious stuff before I go to the office. After praying, I bring my laptop and blanket to the living room, then have a sit on the sofa, enjoying the fresh and clean morning air whilst sipping on a cup of hot tea. Guess I'm so lucky to have this big mango tree in front of the main door so the air is really crisp. Its like your want to breathe them all. So this is how I love to start my day, no rush. I have one hour in the morning, before I get ready to go to the office. I usually read some blogs from my favo blog list or do some Curious stuff. Curious stuff means checking out the customers' payments, wrapping the packages, updating the stocklist in the blog or even altering and punching studds onto some Curious stuffs to be then sent to you my dearest customers. Sometimes when I feel so sleepy, I spend my precious one hour back to sleep :p

This morning was a bit different, I had an early appointment, at 8 am with the client. I woke up late, around 6.30 am, then rushed away to the bathroom and got ready to go. Luckily the traffic was quite friendly this morning, so I came right at the time. Then I managed to reply some office emails and snap this picture.

How do you start your day? :)


  1. haha i know that "clothing line" stuff as i run a clothing line too and before today, i was doing it alone and i couldn't stand it! but i'm rooting for ya.

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