Aug 24, 2012

Meow and Moi

Had a shopping date with bf a few days ago and found these pretty stuffs that I just couldn't resist of for not buying it. Oh well, my bad :p

I've been looking for this kitty mask since a long time ago. Surprisingly I got it at Gramedia, on the art section. It is actually a painting mask. I thought it was made out of ceramic plastic. Yay to kitty!

I've been a stationery collector since junior high school. I always love to see pretty and unique pen, pencil, ruller and especially notebook. I have tons of small and big notebook in my room that haven't been used heheh. This polaroid postcard is one of the cutest thing I found this week, got it at a Korean-Japanese stationery store in a newly opened mall near to my house. They sell a lot of cool stuff! I couldn't bear not to check each section at the store! This postcard is a city series kind of one, Tokyo, Prague, London, Italy and Paris, each series has 15 postcards. I got my self the Paris and London series.  Am about to hang them in my room, happy!

This necklace looks really vintage, reminds me of my mom's old watch necklace that she bought in Italy, years ago. I always love pretty & cool stuff that are related to London and Paris, because I love those cities a lot! What city do you love? :)


  1. lovely polaroids! I saw lots of that polaroid series on Scoop on MKG. :D

  2. What a lovely stuff you have :)
    Visit and follow my blog if you love to ,i'll follow you back dear :)


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