Aug 25, 2012

Flow The Flowers

This dress is probably the one that I mostly wear in my entire life. 
Got this dress from my mom around three years ago, when I was still in college. My mom is the best mom in the whole world, she understands my likes and dislikes (in terms of style) so well! I've been wearing this dress like everywhere, to college, to the office, to a Sunday date with bf, to a family dinner, etc etc etc. I can always count on this dress whenever I feel like having nothing to wear in my closet. Today I wore it to a thrifting date with bf. I prolly will wear it again tomorrow to a picnic at the city park with my friends hahaha.  A picnic! Yesss a pretty picnic with my good friends is on my schedule tomorrow!
Anyway, do you have a favorite dress? How is it look like?

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