Aug 18, 2012


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  1. As you can see in my last post about the Fimelahood Goes To Paris competition, I made it to the top 100 semi finalists. But unfortunately my total votes was still faaaarr to be the 10 finalist hahaha anyway, thank you for those who have voted for me. Merci!
  2. My CURIOUS just launched the new mini collection last week. The collection was inspired by the 80's. Lots of denim, neon and studded pieces. Some items were already sold out but if you want to take a look at the collection, here's the link.
  3. I finally bought a camera! Yaaaay! I was digging for my own camera since a looooong time and finally gave my self a Canon G12. Wihihi so happyyy, now I'm waiting for the leather camera bag which I just bought from ebay yesterday. 
  4. Today is the last day of Ramadhan month. Pretty sad to leave Ramadhan this soon :(

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