Jul 21, 2012


Last week I was invited to Nikicio Autumn Winter 12/13 fashion show at Graha Toorak, Kemang. I was pretty excited by the time I got the invitation and I knew that it was going to be an awesome war. Oh boy and yes it was.

Nikicio artwork by me

I didn't took many pictures at the event because I knew that I can always grab fashion show pictures from other blogs or the brand pages itself. Met a lot of familiar faces from the blogosphere, medias, other designers and fashion admires. Too bad the invitation was valid for one person only, but no worries for me since I met the sweet Sissy there.

Okay now to the collection. I must say that I looooove this WAR collection so much. Why? Because they have a lot of black-grey outfits which I loved the most hahaha viva la dark colors! And remember Nina's quote that says “no trends. no seasons. no fads. my clothes have to be able to be worn & last forever.”? Yeap I can really feel that statement in this collection. Unlike other brand that mostly have jackets or coats for their A/W collection, you can find basic tshirt and sleeveless tank and jackets as well in the collection. Simple cutting meets perfect prints and high quality fabrics. Oh yes the print! You must have seen it right? The ocean waves photograph was taken by Evelyn Pritt and yes the photograph is somehow strong and so mysterious. Here are my fave pieces from the WAR collection.

Collage by me, pictures taken from Nikicio's fan page.

Pictures taken from Instagram under Nikicio tags

See you on my next post. Ciao!


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