Jul 22, 2012


So my favorite denim trouser (and yet my only one) was finally ripped on the inner thigh side, after a period of worn-washed-worn-washed time. I finally managed my time to look after some denim trousers and yes I finally found, not only one, but two denim trousers at Zara. Weeheee! Zara has always been one of my fave store to shop for denim trouser. Because they have the perfect cutting, not too low on the hip, not too tight on the ankle and the length are just perfectly fit on me. 

On the picture below are my recent purchases and creations. The purple-ish blue on the left is my new fave trouser which the color I looooooved the most. Teehee. And above the trouser is my new creation for Curious, its an ombre necklace. Not finished yet but I was too excited to wear it on the last weekend. Next is the floral printed shorts. I've been looking for oneee since May! OMG. I bought one from a local online shop but they sent me the wrong size and I sent them back to get the right size and the drama begins, they ran out of my size. Jeez. Long story short, lucky me to find this perfect shorts on the "last pieces" rack in Forever 21. Another weeeeheee!

Got my period on last Friday and was struggling from cramps. People said that you must get your attention on something in order to forget your pain. So I made these choco cupcake with vanilla-mint frosting and cherry on my nails. Yeah  I know, I know they're cute right? Hahahah

Made this feather ear cuff! Finally I have one! 

Another creation for Curious, this one is a flower garland. They are available for you to shop :)

And do wait for my Curious upcoming collection!

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