Jun 13, 2012

My Days

Hi again! :)
I've been very busy in the last 4 weeks, several projects were on going. Projects means my own projects and the office's projects. And do you guys realized that its already mid of 2012? I've passed six precious months so far. Its a bit hard to believe that I've been workin in my office for six months. Time flies t-h-a-t fast and means I'm enjoying my days to the fullest! Last year, I used to have this sad feeling on Sunday night. Sunday night means weekend is about to over, means I gotta face another 5 days at the office. It was a bittersweetandbitter moment. Surprisingly I have never feel that way again! I love my days from Monday to Sunday. Even though I gotta face some deadlines that absorbed my times and energies by the weekdays but again, I realized that I'm in the learning phase, which is a very good thing for me has . The world has nothing but challenges, the one that keeps us running is our passion. And back to the Monday to Sunday, on weekdays I do my office related thingy and by the weekend I do my Curious and my hobbies. Its an endless circle and I do love that circle :)

So here are some sneak peek from what I did in the past 2-3 weeks.

Flower stocks for Curious' mini collection. They're so adorable!

Sending out some goodies, love.

The last photo shoot for Curious. My dearest friend, Sanya Nataya, was very kind and willing to be the model. In this collection, I sell a lot of flowery hair crown and rounded glasses. You might want to take a peek of the collection here.

The prettiest thing I saw every morning at the office. The flowers are sooo pretty!

Went to Bandung with Devon for an office short trip and tried this cute and homey and my-kind-of-interior restaurant called Humming Bird at Jalan Progo. I love this place a lot, the cake are just too delicious that I cant stop chewing those crunchy caramel on the top of the coffee cheese praline cake shown above. OH SO GOOD.

I found this so cute, twisted straws on my lychee iced tea. Oh I love you much Humming Bird!

Loved these cardigans a lot but I ended up buying the butterflies printed one :p

My first customer at my first bazaar for Curious. Happy! So happy!

Sold items at Curious' booth last weekend. It was a real experience of having a face to face selling and buying process with my customers. Hope to see you guys again! 

I never been a solid fan of cakes, I prefer chips or fries rather than those sweet and creamy cakes. But I found this red velvet cake in a jar is pretty cute and so I bought it and the taste turned out to be not that cute. But oh well at least it does look cute :p

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