Jan 2, 2012

NYE & The Premature Bday Surprise

Its the 2nd day of the year and I feel like.. just normal haha. Don't know why, but I haven't feel the 'new year' mood. How was your nye? I was just fine, went to my bf's friends house and spent the nite with them. Actually it feels more to my bf's birthday only rather than birthday and new year. Maybe I need to make a list of 2012 goals immediately to get the new year mood. Anyway, yesterday was R's 22nd birthday. I planned a surprise and it was ruined pretty much by R him self hahhaha. The plan was depended on R's nye plan, and he hadn't make his mind until 6 pm which caused my stress on that day. Finally R went to his friend's house and asked me to come, I lied to him that I was on my way to my aunt's house and that I'll be going to meet him by my own self, no need to pick me up, which in fact I was already at his friend's house. Right after he told me that he'll be at his friend's house, I went to R's house to decorate his room and make a birthday surprise there. The plan went well, we finished the decorations and on the way back to R's house until he texted me that he was going back to his house because he didn't feel well. I was panic and stress out hahaha and just like what you might already thought, he find out the birthday surprise, before his birthday. So it was a premature birthday surprise ahahah what a shame. But he was still happy though. Oh well, happy birthday my dearest and favourite boy, Fachrudi Saleh. I wish you all happiness in every aspects of live. I love you :)

*no pictures for the birthday surprise because the picts are still in my phone and the phone died since yesterday :p

And so umm I read this lovely post from the pretty photographer, Andra Alodita. She currently is one of my fave photographer, why? Because she can make every girls looks so pretty in her pictures, some kind a magical  photographer. In her blog, I read about happiness. You can read the full post here. So I will start my own daily list of happiness and some pictures of it, and post it to my blog. I'm thinking about making a 365 project of happiness and daily pictures. Wish me luck for it and happy new year! :)

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