Jan 8, 2012

Day 3, 4, 5, 6 of Happy Post

This is my very first black and white illustration and I'm pretty happy with the result! Now let's continue the 365 happy post.! Here are the day 3, 4, 5 and 6 :p

Day 3:
1. It was my first day of working at the new office. Well its not a completely new one, the other division of the company invited me to work with them, soon after I resigned. New job & new responsibilities, new journey of me :)
2. It turned out so well, my bad feelings were swooshed away. My new bosses are very kind to me.
3. Went to my first meeting with my brand new client, even though I was only a listener at the meeting but it was pretty nice.
4. Had lunch at Pepenero and tried their Lasagna. It turned out not so well, but the taste of their tomato paste and melted cheese were really good.
5. Had a bite of their penne-mozarella-something, oh God I'm so cheesy in facing all kinds of cheese, especially melted mozarella.
6. Had their pistachio ice cream for dessert and I must say that it was one of the best ice cream I ever tasted.
7. Met a lot of new people at the office and tried so hard to remember their names :D
8. Went home so early, around 4.30 pm
9. Saw Foster The People's poster like every where :)
10. Some people recognise me well, even though we haven't officially known each other yet. Its the power of socializing!

Day 4:
1. Had an early meeting with the client. Thought it will took around 2 hours from home to the client's office, turned out it took only 30 minutes. LOL.
2. Had chicken sandwich, french fries and extra cheese sauce at Wendy's for lunch
3. Felt so grateful for staying inside Wendy's while a hurricane was happening so bad
4. Went back earlier to the office and met more people and found a girl with the same interest as mine. Yay!
5. Received some order for my Curious and Yadda Yadda :)

Day 5:
1. Its Friday! This fancy day always make me happy!
2. Stay at the office all day, no meetings, which is a good thing. I got the chance to greet more people and say hi to the old ones :)
3. My boss smiled to me!
4. Some people said that I'm getting skinnier hahaha
5. Ate some yummy yellow gummy bears
6. Had lunch with the new colleagues :)
7. Met my high school friends (finally!). Soooo happy to spend the rest of my Friday with them!

Day 6:
1. Started this not-gloomy-but-lovely Saturday with an early phone call with my bf. He's currently sick but needed to go to his office because he's in the middle of an urgent project. Oh I hope you'll get better soon my dear!
2. Finished an artwork for a client, she's so happy with the result. Means I'm happy too!
3. Finished a black and white artwork as shown on the top of this post
4. Spent the day working and stumblin with my laptop

See you on the 7th post! :)

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  1. i looove the illustration! do you use wacom or something like that? :D


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