Jan 24, 2012

Brown Sugar on My Cappuccino

Last Saturday I was invited to a blogger luncheon with Dove. I really wanted to come but I was exhausted and felt so not energetic. I ended up went to my bf's house to spent an afternoon with him and watched some dvds. I just realized that the last time I watched a dvd was like more than a year ago hahaha. We were planning to buy some new movies, but the rain was pouring hard that we couldn't go out, so we watched some old movies and ordered a pizza. It was actually feels so good to watch a movie with him, so relaxing. After 3 movies, we decided to go out and have some dinner. I got my period cramps that night so I wasn't in the mood to go to a hectic place, so we went to a restaurant and continue the talk at a coffee shop near my house. 

We got in the coffee shop at around 9 pm and went home at 2.30 am. I feel so blessed to have a long talk with him that night. We were talking about us, life, work, and us again. He is like my best friend, my tutor, my financial planner, my brother, my technologeek, my personal advisor, everything! :)


  1. Aw, love the photos!
    Black and white photos always look good. :3


  2. sounds like a lovely evening. :)

    great b & w photoset. moodsetting!

    xo louie



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