Dec 12, 2011

Lovely Days

In the past 6 days I wasn't really focus in what I'm doing. So many things were left unfinished, I was distracted by two happy things, being one of the Gogirl artwork competition semifinalist and freelancing in a cooking project for a friend. I really thank you for the votes, much much much appreciated! :) I really hope I can win this competition. Today should be the winner announcement day but I don't know why Gogirl magz hasn't announce it yet until now. Oh and for those who asked about my cooking pictures on Twitter/Facebook, no I wasn't in a cooking class. I was working for a friend's project, it was really fun. We were working with Chef Deden, who is a master in cooking, to cook 40 recipes in 6 days! Pheeww that was tiring but fun at the same time. Chef Deden, who is the executive chef at  The Park Lane Hotel, is really humble and funny. He shared a lot of things, from cooking to lessons about life. It was so fun to spend a tight six days with him and the team. I took a lot of pictures and ready to share it with you all but I think its better to divide it into a few posts. So here are the eye candy from the kitchen, from the food photographer's magazine, Donna Hay. 

I thought there is only Martha Stewart who has the magic hands in decorating food and stuffs but hey, Donna Hay got a big thing here :)


  1. Yup! But I think you can only get this magz in some specific book stores like Periplus or Kinokuniya :)

  2. I always like to copied recipe from kids recipes books. its much easier hahaha..

    can't wait to see the cooking project post


  3. I love this book ! :D

  4. @Ms. S: Totally! Kids recipes are piece of cake hahaha I'm a dumber in cooking

    @Mei: The magz is so lovely, but I think its kinda expensive hahaha I rather buy a Franke to this one. Hala Frankie :D


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