Dec 6, 2011

Big Girls, Big Dreams!

Last week I joined an artwork competition by Gogirl Magazine and Alhamdulillah, I made it to the semifinalist! So in order to win this competition, I really need your help to vote for my artwork via Instagram or Twitter. Here let me show you how, its very simple :)

Vote via Instagram:
If you already have Instagram account, you can easily go to Gogirlmagz account and like my artwork. You can also vote via Webstagram from your desktop! Here's the link to VOTE.

Vote via Twitter:
Only one RT per person and 5 voters will get prizes from the magz! This is the easiest one, you only need to tweet the words below:
RT @dindaps: RT @GogirlMagazine: Dinda Puspitasari

The voting period will be closed on Sunday (December 11th) at 11 pm. So please please please please vote for me hihihihi. Much thank you guys, lovvvveee from me *smooch*


  1. Gorgeous! I really love your own artwork :)
    I've already vote you via twitter. Good luck din! :D

  2. good luck dinda,really love your artwork.

  3. whoaaa.. congrats for make to the semifinal, dinda! I vote for you ;D

  4. So cuteeee your artwork <3
    I will tweet you ;;)

    Love from bali,

  5. udah aku can see on my twitter.aaaaa i really love if someday i make a artwork for me.hahahaa.. coz you supper amazing :) have a good day.

  6. Wow! I love your blog, esp your artwork! Thank you for following me, follow you back already ^^ And I'm voted you too! Good luck dear :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. dear !! I tweeted already !! hope you win the contest.
    wish all the best luck for you . ♥
    seeing your collection ASAP !! :)

  8. no doubt that you're qualified as the semifinalist. i submit an artwork too but im not qualified.
    geez youre such a pro :D

    btw,what app you used to color it? photoshop or manually paint coloring or manually paint coloring mixed with photoshop?

  9. Love your artworkssss!
    Vote for you already ;)

  10. THANK YOU ALL, GOD BLESS! I really hope I can win this competition :)


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