Nov 17, 2011


This post was supposed to be a scheduled post for this Saturday, but I feel like posting it now.

Today I went to Starbucks to finish some tasks related to my projects. If you read my previous post, you might be wondering the little note on the last pict, a good bye note from one of my boss at the office. Yes, I quit from my job as a digital account executive after thirteen months of unforgettable bitter sweet memories. It was my first job, I don't count my experience as a store supervisor because it was only lasted for four weeks. So yes, it was my first job in communication world. It was really fun and full of knowledge. It gained my life skill for sure. As a newbie, I was so lucky that I got big chances related for what I was doing back then. I used to have a career plan, what I wanted to be in 2 or 3 years since I joined the company or what kind of projects do I wanted to get involve in, etc. But again, as a human, we can only make plans, try to work as hard as we can and pray to God. Ask God to give us some guidance for us to walk along the right path. God only wants the best for us, that's why God have their own plan which we don't know what are the main points in it. Sometimes we cry over something that doesn't go as how we want it to be, that's sucks, I know. Just remember that if you already give all your efforts to reach something you really want, and you got nothing at the end, that means God has something else for you. Something better for you to walk along the right path :)

Now talking about my projects. Since I am currently a self employed, I mostly work from home. And it's actually feels reaaaaalll goooooooodddd. Not that I'm complaining, I love what I was doing back then. But now I can make plans and execute some of it instantly, no need to wait for office works to be done hahaha. I'm happy and feel so grateful that I got the chance to try everything that I wanted to be. I feel like going back to the field (read: agency works) by early next year. So this is the best time for me to make big plans and set up all things before I get back to agency works. Oh I love my life, thank you my dear God. I love you ♥♥

Ps: The last picture is my new shirt from Cotton Ink, I wore them soon after I open the package hahahah love it sooo much!


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