Nov 7, 2011

One and two

I'm now 22 :)

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I read every single sms, FB wall posts, bbm, tweets, email and blog comments. You guys are very lovely :)

R gave me a surprise by showing up in my room at around 12 am on my birthday. I was just fell asleep for one hour when my bed were moving abnormally. He was holding a cake with lots of strawberries on top, turned out it was my favourite cheese cake. I spelled my wishes silently and began to blow the candle. I was so happy and grateful. Thank you mom, dad, my sister and especially R :)

Too bad I have no pictures to share related to my birthday, the only picture was in my old iPhone. Yes, I got a new iPhone as a birthday present for my self. It feels really good to give your self a reward :)

Did two photo shoots this weekend. I'm so happy that I was very productive by these 2 days :)

A video screen shot that we randomly made yesterday ♥

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