Nov 16, 2011

November Wish: La Sardina Pattern

The title tells it all, this month's wish list: La Sardina Pattern edition!

Since I haven't own one, so I made this artwork :p

I'm a big fan of Lomo and other plastic cameras. Even thou I aint a die hard collector but I have some of those quirky camera, one by one, edition by edition. I love to follow my interest in camera and film pictures. I don't know why, but I fell in love since the first time I saw Lomo. I can't describe how it feels when shooting a picture using a Lomo and guessing how the result will be, all I know is I enjoy it a lot. And my heart fell again for the nth times when I saw this retro thing, La Sardina Pattern edition.

Other than it's cool case, this La Sardina Pattern also has my favourite features like wide angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities, bulb setting for night time, vivid colours and vignetting effect! La Sardina Pattern edition has 4 variants, the Cubic, Quadrat, Mobius and Domino. The four of them are so cute to have, but in my opinion, I must say that Quadrat and Domino has win the competition for the coolest pattern. Imagine a sunny day when you are ready to snap some pictures, wearing a match outfit as your La Sardina Pattern. That must be so fun :D

Left to right: Domino, Mobius, Quadrat, Cubic

Soon after I saw this Lomo in Lomonesia's website, I drool over the internet and found La Sardina Pattern's picture results.

Suppa cool Lomo that it has became this month's wish list! I know that November will be ended in 2 weeks, but who knows if there is someone who's kind enuff to give me this La Sardina Pattern edition as a belated birthday present for me? Hahaha. Check out Lomonesia's website for more info about La Sardina Pattern edition and other Lomo ;)

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