Nov 25, 2011


Today was a hard day. I feel like the world is against me. There's a lot of things going on in my mind right now, but I feel better because I just talk to my parents and my boyfriend as well and tell them what I'm feeling.

1. Everything happened so fast
As we grow up, we're being pushed to make big decisions for our self and take all the risk. Its not easy, trust me. For me, being mature is not about the age. Its more to how you cope with the situation and make quick actions as a response. You gotta think clear and ask your parents, lovers and friends to make the greatest action. Before you even realize, you already did an action. Being fast is what you need.

2. The world is not a play land, its actually a mean world
As you made your decision, you take all the risks including people's comments. Words are like two sided metals, one side is blunt while the other one is sharp as a knife. People tend to say something based on their perception, without knowing the truth, and sadly you can't change that. Negative comments are the sharpest knife. You have two actions to beat the comments, one is to be silent and just go. The second one is proofing those people that you are that great.

3. Be strong
In this mean world, you gotta have a strong heart. If you made a mistake, apologize. If they didn't accept your apology, then that's it. We have no time to please everyone. Plug your ear with happy voices, close your eyes with peaceful scenes and talk with your greatest smile. 

4. Sometimes you gotta be bitchy to beat the bitches
But sometimes being strong is not enough, because some people were made to hurt your feelings and bring you down. If you don't do something, you won't be able to stand strong on your feet. Say thank you to those haters and proof them with your greatest achievement. Make them pissed by showing them that their negative comments are your strongest encouragement. You did something great while they were busy commenting your actions. Actually they are your biggest fan, they got all eyes on you. That's why they always commenting on your actions :)

After talking with my parents and R, I feel a lot better. Thank you R for lifting up my mood and feelings tonight, you're the best in it :)

Actually some things are still sticking on my mind and they're a bit scares me. Oh well, I'll cry my self to sleep and hope that my dreams will swoosh it all away. Be happy and positive, have faith in your self. I wish you all have a great sleep and the sweetest dream tonight. Hope you get up in the brightest mood, good night :)


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  2. i miss you my virginia lovely baby :)

  3. I agree !! world is our playground, and if we wanna to keep our spot safe, we need to look up harder and strengthen up our feelings ;)
    go girl...., show all the bitches who's the boss. LOL

    anyway, what do you think of following each other's blog? let's be friends :)


  4. @chacha: micutu ucilaa main2 dong yuk :D
    @Gabriella: let's be frieenddsss :D :D

  5. be strong.. :) yes, thats true.. nice post btw.. :)
    Irene Wibowo


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