Nov 30, 2011

I lost my shoes and I hate it

Remember about my shoes? Of how much I adore my leather brogues? If you read this blog since a year ago, you must known that I'm a big fan of shoes, especially brogues. I used to have a pointy one, bought in Singapore and it was broken around 8 months ago. Its really hard to find a perfect brogues around Jakarta, just when I like one shoes, they don't have the size. Fortunately I found my perfect brogues on May, when I was in Hong Kong. I found this perfect shoes that fits my size. I wore it a lot and took many pictures of it. Even made a blog post about it. Until last month I can't find my brogues in the shoes rack. I look around the house, even asked my mom and dad to help me find the shoes. But the result is big zero, I lost my brogues. This is really sad. Where are you? :(


  1. Hope you find it out or get a new one :)
    I also love shoes :D

  2. Hey Dinda! Just wanted to answer the question you had about the model Lily Zhi. She's sort of new since she sign on with ING New York in 2010. She has walked Elie Tahari, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and Doo.Ri runways though! I think you will see her a lot in the upcoming year!

    Also, I'm sorry about your loss. I hope they turn up soon!

  3. i get some frustrated when i lost my important goods. i hope you'll find that or get the new ones..

    im new follower , im so glad if you can follow me too



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